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Another standard feature of the FFFF convention is the Pat Page workshop. Each year a topic is chosen for the next year. The topic for this year was magic using business cards. (L) Pat showed a very nice magical printing routine (R) Gene Gordon taught a routine where a business card is stapled to a selection. The voodoo theme was very cool.

George Silverman followed Gene with an idea from Bill Wisch using logos. Unfortunatley I had to change batteries and didn't get a photo of George. Sorry!

(L) Ryan Swigert taught a very practical use for a Paul Curry idea using business cards. (R) Prof. Rem contributes to the workshop.

(L) Dan showed a nice routine using the business card printer. You can even print on a signed blank card! (R) Kate Medvedeva taught a very cool routine using business cards with X's in the corners.

(L) Boris Wild applies his "Kiss Count" to a business card printing routine. (R) Scott Wells applies the "Little Bunny Card" to business cards.

(L) Mark Leveridge used playing cards with labels that make them into business cards. (R) Earle Oakes showed how to create a three dimensional figure from business cards.

Jim Lewis taught a nice use of the "through the fist flourish" with business cards. Unfortunately he exited before I had a chance to get a photo.

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