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Obie Obrien MC'd the "World Performers" show. Obie looked sharp. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this sharp dressed guy.

"France's Friendly Famous Fakir" Mathieu Bich opened the show by wowing the crowd with some fancy card work.

"Spain's Stupendous Sexy Spaniard" Camilo performed some dice stacking, ending with a full shot glass from nowhere.

"Japan's Joyful Jolly Jester" Shigeo Futagawa performed a poker demonstration ending with the deck back in full order.

(L) "A Busy Beguiling British Baroque," Martin Cox performs a classic. (R) Martin causes a card to travel from a spectator's pocket to his wallet.

"Russia's Refreshing Rapture Raconteur" Kostya Kimlat performs a Triumph routine in which the spectator shuffles face up into face down! He doesn't call his cull, the "Roadrunner Cull" for no reason. Yeow!

(L) Gazzo shuffles face up into face down. (R) "Argentina's Adroit Accomplished Artiste" Rey Ben didn't perform his famous "Baby" routine this year. Instead he performed a chip production and a coins across routine.

(L) "I swear that these coins are normal. (R) "Canada's Complete Canadian Conjurer" Shawn Farquhar performed his entire routine to music. Very artistic indeed.

(L) Shawn is happy. It is the correct card. (R) From the U.S.A., "Micro Magic's Merry Manipulator" Rick Merrill shows why he won both the IBM and SAM close up contests. It looks like real magic to me.

(L) In a second that pencil will be a pen! (R) One by one the giant coins change to Chinese coins.. what the....

The big finish.

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