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(L) The 3PM show was expertly MC's by Dan Garrett (R) Leading off was Trixie Bond with a very nice ring and rope routine.

(L) Tom Craven assists Trixie. Luckily Trixie has her insurance policy for the big finish. (R) Ending with diamonds.

Ken Kurita performed a cool color changing silk routine.

(L) The line of the perfomance was "Gene, do you have a cock?" (R) England's Mandy Farrell had a card named. It was the odd backed card!

Mandy also performed a coin through silk and a "chocolate" prediction.

(L) John Blake is assisted by Meir. (R) John performs another classic.

(L) "I'll bet my life savings that the pea is here!" (R) Mark Leveridge finds a signed coin in the handkerchief.

Mark wowed everyone when a signed card disappeared from an envelope and appeared in the deck.

(L) Terry Lunceford checks to be sure the snake isn't sleeping. (R) A genuine layperson (Jenny) assists Terry.

Kevin Fox performed a very nice coins through hank routine. Great job Kevin!

Tricky wallet maker Jerry O'Connell used a mini invisible deck and true to character, performed a card to wallet.

Jim Klayder performed a very nice color changing backs routine as well as a fine ring and string routine. (R) Jim shows his invisible coins?

Steve Dela did some nice card work - a color changing deck and a twisting routine.

Steve finishes his cups and balls routine - ta da!

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