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(L) The 8PM show was MC's by none other than the head forker himself. (R) Jon Allen opened with a VERY cool routine that will be on the market soon. Watch for this one!

(L) Jon killed with his Quadro Chick routine. Extremely funny. (R) IBM Close Up contest winner, Pattrick Pryzsiecki (try to pronounce that) did a very funny Obie imitation.

(L) Pattrick also performed a cool moving FFFF matrix. (R) Andrew Murray performed a very cool prediction trick. It was a fooler.

(L) Andrew also did a nice coin production sequence. (R) Gazzo was at the top of his form. Above he is in the middle of a great egg bag routine.

(L) Assisted by the lovely Rachel, Gazzo gets into his trademark routine. (R) The BIG finish. Killer!

Garrett Thomas is making some way cool ambigrams. Is it "reality" or "fantasy?"

Garrett also performed his Rubik's Cube routine (best I have seen) as well as some killer coin stuff. Awesome.

Reed McClintock performed his killer close up rings routine as well as some very visual coin items. Reed was selling a great DVD with material only for the FFFF attendees. Very cool!

(L) Reed near the end of a very unexpected revelation! (See the miscellaneous shots.) (R) Tim Ellis as "masta T" the rapper.

(L) "I be's a bad ass." (R) "Pick a card or else moffo."

(L) Obie about to perform his famous "mic up nose" trick. (R) David Regal in the middle of an incredible prediction routine.

(L) "Everyone - Hold your hands out like this." (R) "Heal, heal...."

(L) David gave his all and had to be helped off stage. (R) Spain's Miki performs a very cool wild card routine while Rafael translates.

(L) Miki is assisted by professional spectator Lee Freed. (R) Murray Hatfield shows a very visual 3 coin production and vanish sequence.

(L) Do as I do T&R paper (R) Murray caught sneaking a coin into his pants pocket.

England's David Jones assisted by the lovely Rachel Wild (not related to Boris). David performed a poker deal during which Rachel makes free choices. Nice!

Belgium's Tonny Van Rhee can really handle the coins. Very nice indeed.

(L) Show closer Boris Wild (not related to Rachel) shows that he can do more than cards. (R) Boris begins a special routine for the FFFF convention.

The end of Boris' routine.

(C) Copyright 2005 Mike Powers Magic