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This year's FFFF was kicked off with Tom Burgoon's lecture, Wednesday night. There were many comedy items as well as some very practical and strong magic.

Tom taught a very cool application of the change bag using animal balloons.

Thursday morning we were treated to a fine lecture by Chicago's Jimmy "Cards" Molinari. Jim showed and taught some very fine items. Buy his notes and you can be doing some of these excellent card effects yourself.

Jim concluded the lecture by demonstrating his incredible skill at overhand stacking and giving new meaning to the term "machine gun."

Gene Anderson and Dan Garrett both lectured Thursday at 8PM. (L) "I swear that fish was this big." (R) Gene leads off with one of the most popular tricks in magic, the Anderson Newspaper tear.

Trixie Bond assists Gene with his new marketed item, an impossible transposition (see ads in the magazines).

(L) Gene gets a reaction from Maria Schwieter. (R) Gene teaches a very cool trick with matches and his new invisible thumb tip.

(L) Dan Garrett teaches uses for the Sanada gimmick. Very cool applications. (R) Anyone for a card trick?

(L) Dan finishing a repeat torn and restored card (R) Gene again.

Trixie (L) and Maria (R) helping.

(L) I swear that hand was empty! Where did that ball come from.

(L) Dan gave everyone a copy of a new routine using 3 colored pens. Way cool! Thanks Dan. (R) Obie calls the meeting to order.

England's David Jones lectured Saturday at 11 AM. (R) David teaches his work on the Himber ring. Very convincing.

There were many very practical items. One of the standouts was a one handed bottom palm. Not easy!

Belgium's Tonny Van Rhee lectured Saturday at 1:30 PM. He taught a wide variety of items using cards, coins, silks etc.

(L) Tonny finishing up with cups and balls (R) Sue Ann's alter ego warming up the crowd for the Tim and Sue Ann lecture.

Tim's new card stab! Yeow.

Rolando Santos making Tiki Tiki.

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