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(L) Richard Levin smokes George Silverman (R) Yum!

(L) Rey Ben hawking his wares (R) Roger Klause ponders which book to buy from Andy.

(L) Al the Only, getting a lesson from Howie (R) Mike Powers showing Ryan Swigert some his coffee cup pass.

(L) Garrett - pure evil (R) Howie strikes the pose as Al practices his new move.

Obie gets a hug from Mrs Gallo.

(L) Hard working Tony Gerard (R) Maria posing with "Obie."

FFFF is welcome in Batavia.

(L) Obie hitch hiking back to Redwood NY (R) Howie in a quiet moment.

(L) Obie again (R) speaks for itself

(L) Howie you old devil! (R) If you thought of the five of diamonds, you are blown into the weeds - who is it??

(L) Aha - Reed McClintock! (Reed was this year's MVP - good going Reed!) (R) Pass that over here. I can use one more hit.

(L) Vic Trabucco showing Roger a move (R) Now Rocco is trying to move in on Maria... Luckily she likes my pass better than Howie's or Rocco's.

No strings attached! 

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