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Phil Willmarth MC'd the Saturday afternoon. Here's Phil with his assistant, Howie Schwartzman.

Before the performances, Glenn Brown showed a memorial video he had made in honor of the many FFFFers who have passed away. The video was very tastefully made and reminded us all about how important it is to value our friendships while we're still here.

(L) Phil requested a minute of silence to honor our fallen friends. (R) Ryan Swigert opened the show with a very cool "jump back" type routine.

(L) Ryan checks his stack (R) Ryan giving his modified Earl Nelson salute.

Dan MacInnis showed a very clever "Final Flite" based on his experiences landing jets on aircraft carriers.

Rolando Santos gets ready for "Pyramid Power."

(L) The power of the pyramid in action. (R) Michael Bairefoot surprises everyone by revealing the coins under the cards. Where did they come from??

(L) The can isn't falling, it's floating! (R) Michael about to reveal Gene's signed coin inside the balloon.

Above, Anders Boulanger is about the vanish someone's five dollar bill. The bill was later found inside a marking pen!

(L) Anders' tie is out of control. (R) Daniel Ketchedjian dared to perform a T&R in front of Gene Anderson!

Yep, Marc's bill was in the lemon.

Frank Truong, recently in a movie shown at Cannes, can do some fancy card work too.

(L) David Acer "helps" Frank find a card. (R) Dick Steiner showed why he is noted for magic with a baseball theme.

Dick performed a very cool matrix with coins at each base on the baseball diamond - "stealing home."

Mickey Silver makes me feel like a layperson again. All I can say is, you've got to see it to believe it. 

Mickey's work is flawless. When he eats coins, they're gone. Coins go in one ear and out the other... wow! Mickey will have a 3 DVD set coming out in the near future. I can't wait!

(L) Mickey's finale - coins flying out of everywhere... (R) Joe Turner gets ready to rock.

Joe performed a very nice version of one of my tricks, The Invisible Aces. Joe added some touches and a killer ending. Great work Joe!

In the last few years the number of women at FFFF has increased dramatically. This was the first year for Moscow's Kate Medvedeva. Kate has won three championships in Russia and was 2nd at McMillans. (L) Kate's big ending. How did those big structures get under the cups???

England's Fred Shark closed the show with some some fancy card and coin work.

Fred finishes a great transposition routine. How did those aces get there???

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