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This year's honorees, Gene Anderson and Dan Garrett resurrected their legendary Garnak routine. Extremely funny! We miss Garnak.

(L) "The answer is ....."  (R) "Oh great wise one, pray tell us....."

(L) Announcements of the winners of the golf contest (R) Marv Leventhal gives the honorees plaques with this year's button (designed and produced by Marv).

(L) Gene displays the beautiful crystal wand made by Vic Trabucco. (R) FFFF Wine? What's next? I'd like some FFFF beer next year.

(L) Gene and Dan are loaded. (R) Tim Ellis opened with a blade swallowing routine.

(L) Those blades look real to me. (R) Magically, the blades are all tied together on some thread.... how???

(L) Sue Ann Webster shows her card skills (R) Tim performed his award winning act.

(L) The big finish. (R) Yanick Lacroix and Michel Huot had some new ideas for the "human deck of cards."

This should be illegal!

(L) The prediction is correct after all! (R) Aldo Colombini doing some of his trademark material.

(L) "I'm sure your card is here somewhere??" (R) Obie surprises Aldo. Aldo will be the honoree next year. Congratulations Aldo!!

(L) Paul Gertner wanted Dan and Gene to know what it feels like to be fooled by Dan and Gene. (R) This is what Dan and Gene saw when the blindfolds were removed.

(L) Paul performing his classic routine. (R) An excellent flipstick routine.

(L) "In Pittsburgh we make steel...." (R) Every year Rocco prepares an incredible show. This year was no exception. One incredible production or transformation after another.. incredible!

Rocco is already working on material for next year's performance. Thanks for all your hard work Rocco!!

(L) Yes, Dan has horns. (R) Henry Evans has some cards selected.

The cards are returned and the deck is placed in a bag for a random shuffle. Henry finished with one of his trademark routines - the deck is cut into 10 piles. Unbelievably the piles have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 cards in them for a total of 55 cards (52 plus jokers and an ad card). The top cards match the number in each pile - WOW!

Comedy magician Tom Burgoon has evidently hypnotized Trixie.

Tom is not only funny. He does some great magic too.

(L) Little Tommy Toilet paper steals the show. (R) Obie shows Mike Gallo that the MVP award will now be called the Lou Gallo MVP award in honor of Mike's father Lou who passed away last year. We miss Lou very much.

(L) Obie announces the MVP award winner this year - Reed McClintock. Congrats Reed! Way to go. (R) Kevin Gallagher had some unusual takes on classic routines.

(L) The pea covers the shell!? (R) David Acer begins his cup and ball routine. Not practical for restaurant work but very cool.

(L) And the prediction matches.... (R) The big finish. Dave is taking contributions to help defray the cost of the props.

Jason Lattimer closed the magic portion of the show. We see why he is the winner of many contests.

(L) The big finish. The cups are solid! (R) Steve Bargatze closed the show with a "tribute" to Gene Anderson. There cannot be just one.

Gene and his double perform in tandem.

Steve's new method for vanishing coins. This looks like a fun routine to perform.

(L) Apparently there are some hidden costs. (R) Using his best DC imitation "I've never seen snow.... well I have seen snow but I've never seen a blizzard!" Then all hell broke loose.

Steve and Roger Klause continue their love/hate relationship. I think Roger's neck will be in a brace for a few weeks. What a trooper. Much fun!

"Above and Beyond" awards should go to Obie, the backstage scum, the sound lady (Maria), the lighting guy (Tony Gerard), and Glenn Brown for all the extra time these folks put in making FFFF so great. Thanks folks!

(C) Copyright 2005 Mike Powers Magic