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Mike Hilburger MC's the first show. 

(L) All the way from New Zealand, Tony Wilson brings greetings from down under.

(L) Tony's take on a classic (R) Al the Only checking his Mullica wallet.

(L) Al also performed a cool water monte routine. (R) Brian Glover is assisted by James Lewis in an impossible location.

(L) Yep - that's it! (R) Brian Geer shows Lee Freed his best pass.

(L) "I put the whammy on all of you!" (R) Scott Wells (right) finds that Willey Monroe can do more than yoyo work.

(L) Yes, Willey can do amazing tricks with a yoyo too. (R) Rick Wilcox performing a voodoo ritual. "Rise...."

(L) Rick getting ready for a Chameleon card routine. (R) Doug Gorman using some very expensive cups. 

(L) Doug in the middle of the routine. (R) Gino Mozzarella a.k.a. Danny Archer performs in character.

"Whatsa da matta fo you - wacha da balls...day gone!"

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