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Meir Yedid MC's the 3PM show. Lots of magic Thursday afternoon (R) David Jones performed a series of very cool card and coin routine.

(L) John West's poster honoring Gene and Dan (the special guests this year) (R) Terry Greenwood getting ready.

(L) Terry performed a very entertaining color changing hank routine. (R) Bob Follmer is normally found assisting back stage. This year he was out front performing a Gene Anderson newspaper item - the Star.

(L) Bob showing the finished product (R) Bob's back stage buddies "helping" him off stage.

(L) Robin Dawes shows his "Mark system" in a coincidence effect.

(L) hmmmm.. i forgot what card I took.... (R) the peanut gallery

(L) Jim Surprise about to get "surprised" by Roger's tricky cut. (R) "May I touch the hand of the master??"

(L) Jim has done it again under the most impossible conditions. (R) Max Scott receiving a hot phone call.

(L) Look out for the exploding watch. (R) Meir trying to sell a bad joke... it ain't workin'

Lee Freed performed an extended and very cool twisting routine.

(L) Bill Naglar finds two selections under impossible conditions?? (R) Reading the mind of a spectator.

(L) Gary Ward is a three time Linking Ring award winner. He performed a nice item using 3 ropes as well as some card items. (R) Michael Tallen stacks some "Instant Insanity" cubes for a prediction routine.

(L) There were trillions of possibilities but Michael's prediction was correct. (R) Scott Robinson getting ready for a cool coin transpo. Scott also performed a very cool Bizarre Twist type routine of his own creation.

(L) Scott finishing up. (R) John West trying to decide what to do.

(L) OK it will be Custer meets the Indians - an unusual presentation for a very deceptive oil and water type routine. (R) If the card you are merely thinking of appears right there, would that be cool??"

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