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Many thanks to Obie for all the hard work and time he puts in to make FFFF such a great convention. The 2005 Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolick is now history. It continues to be THE close up convention. There were many IBM, SAM, FISM etc winners. The talent level is truly unbelievable. There were 6 lectures, a Teach A Trick session, a workshop with Pat Page and 7 great shows with some of the best talent in the world. Thanks Obie!

Congratulations to Dan Garrett and Gene Anderson who were this year's guests of honor. Also, congrats to Reed McClintock, this year's MVP. Next year, Aldo Colombini will be the guest of honor. Way to go Aldo!

I took around 400 photos during the four days. Master photographer Dale Farris (see below) sent me CDs with over 600 more! I sorted through the 1000+ photos and narrowed the field to a little over 300 shots organized into 11 categories (see above). Then through the magic of PhotoShop the pictures are cropped to a standard size, tuned up a bit and then compressed for web viewing. Most pictures are under 20K. Unfortunately compression often results in a degraded image. As more people get high speed connections, larger pictures and less compression will be feasible. Meanwhile, we'll have to live with smaller sizes and somewhat fuzzy pictures.


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