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Diminishing Returns is one of the most visual effects ever devised. A spectator names ANY CARD. This card is removed from the deck and tabled. The deck is spread on the table FACE UP and is found to have SHRUNK to MINI SIZE!! The normal sized selection is placed into the mini spread which is then re-spread. Suddenly the entire deck is back to normal EXCEPT THE SELECTION which is now a mini card!! The mini selection is pulled from the spread and VISIBLY GROWS back to normal size!! This is visual magic at its best. You get 52 factory made Bicycle cards and a professionally illustrated manuscript. You also get a second, highly visual trick for FREE. THE DEFECTIVE DECK comes free with Diminishing Returns. (read below)

Still only $20.00 + $3.00 s&h


The DEFECTIVE DECK is another incredibly visual routine that comes FREE with Diminishing Returns. You get both of these VISUAL tricks for one low price. In The Defective Deck, the magician fixes a variety of "defective cards" in increasingly visual ways. The trick ends with Doug Conn's incredible PIP TRIP in which pips are slid around the card to different locations. Watch the videos of both Diminishing Returns and the Defective deck. This is a MUST HAVE item!


Still FREE (with Diminishing Returns)





Quarter Fusion is a visual coin assembly, with a TWIST! Four borrowed quarters are placed into the familiar "matrix" configuration. They begin to assemble, but in an unexpected way. One quarter disappears and joins another, but in the form of a single half dollar! This happens again - two quarters FUSING into a single half dollar. Now, one of the half dollars disappears and is found to have fused with the other into a single SILVER DOLLAR! Finally, "fission" occurs causing the silver dollar to "explode" back into four quarters.

Just $35.00 + $3.00 s&h



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