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(L) M.C. Dan Garrett gets a laugh before the show begins. (R) Patrick Drake prepares to fry Roger Klause.

Yes that's Pat Page in the fairy outfit. Roger was told to hide a coin in either his left or right hand.

(L) The diabolical method used a metal detector! I think Roger was completely fooled. I would have been. (R) Let's hope that Pat is just whispering to Roger.

(L) Geoff Ray performs some Kung Foo magic in which a card is nailed to a block of wood. (R) First timer Rick Merrill really killed with some impeccable coin work. His pen to pencil to pen was also killer. Watch out for this kid.

(L) Where did those Chinese coins come from?? (R) Kevin Fox shocks.

Second timer Trixie Bond did some nice card and coin work.

(L) Garnack (Dan Garrett) divines the answer. (R) Brian Glover performs a nice assembly using the queens.

Duane Laflin performs the classic ball and vase.

(L) Duane performing one of his trademark routines. (R) Magical Mandy Farrel is about to introduce Blaine the magic hamster to Norm.

(L) There's Blaine! (R) Blaine has escaped.

(L) Thomas Blacke performs an unusual effect using eye glasses cases (R) Thomas showing Meir a card trick.

(L) Mark Leveridge showed a nice ring and string item as well as a coin routine. (R) IBM president David Sandy performs Dan Harlan's Starkle.

(L) David finishing the Starkle routine (R) Harold Cataquet showed a very nice linking rope routine.

Mathieu Bich shows Roger his card skills. In the end, the full deck shrinks to just four aces.

Martin Cox shows Roy Cottee a nice variation of Card Warp.

Rick Wilcox closed the show with an excellent Bottle/glass transposition and a bill to lemon.

(C) Copyright 2004 Mike Powers Magic