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(L) Head forker, Obie Obrien brings the group to order. (R) Mark Mason gets the ball rolling with his excellent lecture - the first event.

Mark dazzles Tony price with card into shoe. This is a truly ingenious method, too. I laughed out loud when Mark showed how it was done.


The Colin Rose - RICHIARDI lecture

Colin Rose moderated a showing of tapes of the great Richiardi. What a fabulous showman he was. Excellent lecture.

Shoot Ogawa's close up linking ring routine is a winner. Very practical and very visual.

(L) Steve Duperre assists Shoot. (R) Bob Swadling begins dazzling the crowd.

Bob had some real FOOLERS in his lecture - torn cards that visibly restored in midair etc.

This is one of my personal favorites in the lecture. This looks like REAL magic. Two coins are clearly shown and placed on top of the hanky. The hands are shown empty and go below. Suddenly a coin is pulled through from top to bottom. The spectators see a coin visibly disappear from the top!!! It is unbelievable.

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