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Obie a.k.a. "The Godfather of Close-Up Magic", cleans up really nice. You don't see him with a tie on very often. Here he introduces the first performer in his Matinee of Modern Magical Miracles  

(L) From Paris it's BEBEL (France's Friendly Famous Fakir) who did some truly amazing card work. (R) Bebel dazzles Roger and Mathieu.

Ken Kurita (Japan's Joyful Jetset Jester) still has my head spinning around. It just doesn't seem possible.

Camillo (Spain's Stupendous Sexy Spaniard) uses a small shot glass like a chop cup. (R) Chocolate candy in the net.

Michael Vincent (a Busy Beguiling British Baroque)  performed a very cool "Looking Glass" type routine with multiple selections ending one on top and one on the bottom of the deck.

(L) Magic Christian (Vienna's Versatile Valuable Virtuoso)  "Live Long and Prosper" (I think??)  (R) Hold onto the invisible fish..

(L) Magic Christian finds the card the hard way. (R) Mirko (Argentina's Adroit Accomplished Artiste)  performing part of his award winning act. I got to see the entire act at the World Magic Seminar. It is AWESOME! Unfortunately, he was unable to perform the big ending at FFFF.

More of Mirko's fine act.

(L) Mirko ends his performance. At the WMS balloons float in sideways from off stage. He grabs the strings as they go by and then begins to float upward!! (R) Armando Lucero (Mexico's Marvelous Miracle Man) prepares to dazzle.

Armando performs some contact juggling before blowing everyone away with his much anticipated MATRIX routine. I had a chance to see him perform this routine for laypeople in the bar. I was only two feet away. There's nothing to see except pure magic.

(C) Copyright 2004 Mike Powers Magic