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Luckily Obie had lost his whistle and had to use his gentle voice to bring the meeting to order. (R) Scott Wells shows a cool M.C. bit using a flip pad.

Host Roger Klause gets wired up. He seems to be enjoying this too much.

(L) Roger teaches a very cool Elsmley idea with a gambling theme. Very practical. (R) Prof. Rem shows a Peter Duffie item.

(L) One of the "old timers," Karl Norman showed a nice card penetration and also a band penetration. (R) Jimmy C taught a version of "flash cash" using lotto tickets. This was one of the most practical items.

(L) Tom Craven taught a rope item. It was a different method for tying a knot without letting go of the ends (G.W. Hunter). (R) Craig Dickson did a nice OOTW routine.

(L) Ace Greenberg tipped an excellent thumb tie method. Very Clever. (R) Roy Cottee showed a puzzling addition trick in which there is missing money.

(L) Trixie Bond showed Dr. Daley's Last Trick. (R) Steve Beam explained the intricacies of the "Widow Maker" color change.

Vic Trabucco debuted his new holdout which will be released through Elmwood Magic soon. Check their website for details. This is an extremely practical holdout that won't break the bank. It's just a bit over $100. You will want one of these!