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It is traditional for the guest of honor (this year it was Pat Page) to perform first on the final show. Pat performed a very cool two packet you do as I do prediction item. NICE!

(L) Pat finishing with a traditional load. (R) From Helsinki, Robert Jagerhorn performs his FISM act.

Robert gets tanlged up before the big costume change ending.

(L) Master coin man, Dave Neighbors shows his hand unmistakably empty. (R) Oscar strikes the pose.

(L) Oscar was just a little "gay" as he had fun with Pat Page. Perhaps it was seeing Pat in the fairy costume ... (R) David Regal was hilarious as he read excerpts from his 4F diary.

David really is a loveable guy! (R) David wraps up a prediction effect.

Whenever Steve Bargatze attends, you know that there will be pandemonium on the Saturday night show.

This year Steve was Obie's cousin R.B. Obrien. (L) R.B. shows Pat his toppit. (R) A worn out Roger Klause is coerced into helping.

(L) Roger can't take it any more and literally beats the snot out of R.B. (R) R.B. won't give up. You can't keep a good man down.

(L) Poor Trixie. She didn't know that she should have hidden far away when Steve went on. (R) "Your tongue surprised me." - one of the funnier lines of the convention.

It wasn't easy but Trixie remained a good sport throughout the ordeal. (R) Rocco creating a miniature close-up illusion.

It's truly hard to believe that this stuff isn't real magic. Rocco produced one unusual item after another including liquids! On the right he shows Obie a living clump of grass!

The grass grows and eventually makes its way to Obie's head!

(L) Obie calls for a short break in the show. (R) Kicking off the second half is Hungary's Ferenc Galambos performing a very nice cups and balls rourine.

Ferenc proves that his hands are empty. (R) Ferenc can also perform miracles with the pastboards.

Manuel Muerte performed some very off beat magic. (R) Manuel introduces his mouse!

Henry Evans is known for performing impossible magic. His card matching finale (under really impossible conditions) was incredible.

(L) Henry is perplexed (R) Shoot Ogawa brought in a real layperson.

(L) Shoot performs a cool coins to glass routine (R) Shoot's famous Ninja Rings routine.

Pit Hartling performed some excellent items from his new book. He was able to cause the deck to cut at a named number of cards using only one finger. (L) Pit hits the cut while blindfolded!

(L) Pit's skill with the memorized deck is unbelievable. (R) Mel Harvey adds comedy to the show.

(L) Mel's helper wasn't happy when the water ended up on his head. (R) Spain's Mago Migue closed a fantastic show with some excellent card work.

Mago Migue showed why he was the FISM winner this year in cards. GREAT STUFF!

(C) Copyright 2004 Mike Powers Magic