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Hayashi had a machine to translate his Japanese into English. Very funny stuff! On the right he is using quantum physics to find a card!?

Argentina's Pablo Kusnetzoff performed a very cool torn and restored effect as well as a very nice billiard ball routine.

(L) First timer Reed McClintock showed his trademark item, the McClintock Twist (R) Reed can also do some great contact juggling - excellent!!

(L) Shigeo Futagawa performed a beautiful ring on string as well as coins across and an excellent color changing knife routine. (R) Jimmy "Cards" Molinari showed why his middle name is "Cards." His machine gun overhand shuffle stacking is legendary.

Rey Ben performed a comedy linking ring routine. Very nice.

(L) Julie Eng helps get Rey untangled. (R) Chase Curtis performed a fine theme act using batteries and flashlights.

(R) Chase disassembles the flashlights to create a set of cups for a very fine cup and ball routine. Clever!!

(L) Belgium's Tony Price gets Bob Farmer to select a card for a nice haunted pack sequence. (R) Paul Cummins lets Roger make a very free selection as he begins a series of impossible coincidences.

(L) Roger can't believe it (R) Mark Mason begins a routine that ends with a signed card being found inside a sealed deck AT A NAMED POSITION!

(L) Denis St. Jean laughs at one of Mark's jokes. (R) Obie making an announcement

Patrick Przysiecki shows why he won both the IBM and SAM close up contests last year.

(L) Pat assists Patrick (R) Richard Pinner shows that he had predicted what would happen. Impossible.

Richard finishes with some origami magic.

Boris Wild closed the show with some "colorful" magic.

(C) Copyright 2004 Mike Powers Magic