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Colin Rose tells how he was inspired by Jeff McBride and demonstrates his own skill with card manipulation.

Arie Vilner gives Roger a horn that he is to beep if Arie touches the card sandwiched between the queens.

(L) M.C. Phil Willmarth tells a funny story. (R) First timer Joe Turner gets ready to rock.

Joe was rattled when three sixes came up - 666! Luckily he had a hymnal handy.

(L) The signed selection ends up inside the hymnal! (R) More stories from Phil

(L) Julie Eng performed an excellent coins through the table routine as well as a T&R cigarette paper.

(L) Julie shows that the last coin has penetrated. (R) And yet another joke from Phil.

Rolnado Santos uses a "dragon's eye" during a very nice card effect.

Uruguay's Daniel Ketchedjian performed an excellent signed cards to four different places routine. Very cool.

Leon Etienne performed a cool sponge ball type routine using make-up sponges.

Angel Andreu opened up a tunnel to the 4th dimension (worm hole) to accomplish a cards across routine.

Tony Eng is short but this is ridiculous!

The feet are Tony's hands. The hands are Julie's. VERY FUNNY routine.

Willy Monroe added variety with a yo-yo routine and some strange balloon work.

Jimmy C (Jim Cieslinski) performed a nice scarf to purse and a coins across routine.

Doug Gorman showed a very cool double ball and vase routine - The Stones of Tutankamen.

Jean Luc Dupont closed the show with some fine close up work. "Look - I make tiki-tiki."

(C) Copyright 2004 Mike Powers Magic