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Pat Page moderates a workshop each year. This year's topic was "It Happens in the Spectator's Hand." Pat taught a very nice coin item. Robert K. Miller (not shown) taught a version an "Inferential Copper/Silver" routine. (R) Peter Tappan taught a version of the Daryl item where sounds transpose.

(L) Pat again. This time it's sponge balls. (R) Garrett Thomas taught an excellent coin item. On the outside it's a very innovative coins across. On the inside it's a lesson in audience management.

(L) IBM President David Sandy helps Garrett. (R) Roy Cottee did a cards across routine using a Paul Rossini loading move.

(L) "I'm a little teapot...." (R) Gene Gordon (no - a different Gene Gordon) used a bounce/no bounce ball in a very cool routine. The ball ultimately turned into a ball bearing which was squashed into a coin. Nice!

Only Meir Yedid can come up with this sort of stuff. It's the "vanishing hair from index finger" routine.

Keith Randolph did a chop cup routine using a plastic cup. He showed how to gaff the cup for some very cool vanishes and loads.

(L) Coin maniac, Dave Neighbors did a coins into spec's hand routine using a copper and three silver coins. (O.K. there's also a shell.) (R) David Regal showed a very nice spectator cuts the aces sequence.

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