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(L) Maria Schwieter doing her "old timer" imitation. (R) Maria warming up the crowd.

(L) Maria performed a very colorful routine with assistance from Roger and Howie. (R) Kevin Oliver performing a nice ring and string routine.

(L) Raj Madhok showed us the REAL Hindu Shuffle. (R) Yanick Lacroix and Michel Huot as the "human deck of cards." Very FUNNY!

(R) Cards being selected from the human deck.

Wait! It's not the Six of Spades??!

It's the Nine of HEARTS!! (R) Gary Para doing a B'Wave type routine.

(L) Mike telling an Eddie Fechter story. Ah - sweet nostalgia... (R) Don Voltz used a "crime scene" scenario - suspects, evidence etc. nice routine.

(L) Don reveals the guilty party - OBIE! (R) Dick Cook cracked everyone up with a very funny routine. To Ace Greenberg, "Say hi to Martha."

(L) Dick taught his version of the "Aimsley Count." (R) Wes James setting the stage for an impossible location.

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